Best Labradorite Bracelets to Buy in 2021

Labradorites are no wonder one of the mysterious gems found on planet earth. They are considered as the most powerful stones in the whole realm of the magical stones. The protector of nature, as mentioned by the shamans, these stones were discovered in the 1770s. Labradorite stones vary from various prices and range depending on the polish and originality of the stones. These stones are cut and polished into bracelets and pendants and available in both online and offline markets. Needless to say, some rare gems have extraordinary healing powers and are known as spectrolites.  

Labradorites are chakra healers and can connect directly with your chakra notes. They possess tremendous powers and help you escalate your true potentials. They have a direct medical impact on the human body and can be used to treat multiple problems like anxiety, stress, getting rid of bad habits, etc. 

Numerous Labradorite Bracelets of various price ranges are sold online, depending on the benefits and quality of the stone. You need to have prior knowledge of which is the best-suited segment for you.

To help you out we have selected the top 5 labradorite bracelets that you can buy from Amazon.

1. Adabele Natural Gemstone Bracelet

This 7-inch stretchy chakra bracelet can be a good fit for your daily Instagram OOTD’s. This unisex energy bracelet is composed of original labradorite chakra gems and healing stones. The energy from the bracelets connects wit your mind and helps you achieve positive results from life. Trust me, this is the best deal you can find priced under ten bucks!


  • This bracelet can be a great gift for men and women with a wrist size of 6.4 to 7 inches.
  • This bracelet is made without using any metals so that it doesn’t cause any permanent effects in your skin.
  • The stones used in the bracelet are authorized by the company and are made from grade A quality. They don’t contain artificial dye or any form of color enhancer for artificial enhancements.
  • Small natural cracks can be present on the stone surfaces, indicating the originality of the stones.
  • The size of each stone is around 7mm in diameter, perfect for wearing outside.

Price: $8.99

2. Zenergy Gems Selenite Charged Natural Labradorite Crystal Bracelets

Zenergy Gems specializes in balancing natural healing stones and crafting them into nice-looking bracelets. They are proud of their 100% authentic collections, and to back their statement, Zenergy Gems is giving a 60-day money-back guarantee on Amazon.

Natural Labradorite crystal bracelets have the power to calm your mind and protect you from bad omens. Moreover, these stones are said to have magical powers that can influence you spiritually and also cause various medical impacts on the body. 


  • The natural healing bracelets are packed with Baby Moroccan Selenite and heart charging crystals that channels constant energy to the labradorite stones.
  • The bracelets are handmade from scratch and have slight surface imperfections which prove the originality of the stones from nature.
  • The bracelet comes with a detailed instruction guide on how to use them and maximize the effect.

Price: $16.99

3. Natural Labradorite Bracelet Sterling Silver 

Tishavi is a company well known for its broad collections of distinct gems and crystals. These beautiful looking bracelets are a mixture of brightly polished natural moonstones, Natural labradorites, and Larimar to elevate the spiritual effects. Sterling silver bracelets add a touch of creativity when paired with any outfit. If you have a keen eye for fashion, you can easily combine that with your diva appearance.


  • The gorgeous bracelets are comfortable to wear and helps you protected wherever you go.
  • The sleek minimalist design provides a classy look to any outfit.
  • The brightly polished stones start to shimmer when light falls in, creating the iridescent array of colors.
  • They are the most gorgeous looking bracelets you can find a little under forty dollars.

Price: $36.99

4. Genuine Rainbow Lights Natural Labradorite Moonstone Gemstone Round Bead Crystal Bracelet

This unique looking bracelet has been designed and manufactured by LiZiFang. A company that has an incredible collection of labradorite gems and bracelets that are perfect for men, women, and the elderly. The outburst of colors will quickly grab the attention of others. 


  • The gemstones used in the bracelet are genuine and unique.
  • The bracelet is 12mm in diameter, just the ideal size you are searching for.
  • The inner diameter of the bracelet is around 55 mm and is appropriate for wearing outside.
  • Another collective item on the list that is priced just under forty dollars 

Price: $39.99

5. Adabele Natural Gemstone Bracelet 7.5 inch Stretchy Chakra Gems Stones Healing Crystal Quartz Women Men Girls Gifts (Unisex)

Another great product from the company Adabele. They have one of the top collections of gemstones across the world. The size of the stones is super adjusted thinking about daily usages. A little around 0.31 inches, the stones spread healing powers throughout your body and perfectly fit in your day to day life.


  • Adabele claims to produce original and authentic gemstones from all over the world.
  • Unlike other cheap and shiny bracelets, the stones in this bracelet have uneven natural textures.
  • 30 days moneyback guarantee is provided by the manufacturers through Amazon.
  • Priced a little under ten dollars, this bracelet is the best budget option for you. 

Price: $8.99

In this article, we have listed the top 5 Labradorite bracelets you can find in Amazon. All of these bracelets have been researched and listed for people with low to high budget segment. While some of them contribute true value to your life, others add an extra touch of elegancy to your life.

Best results are achieved while meditating and keeping labradorite stones near your spiritual range. The stone can be in the form of bracelets, rings, pendants, or even a small mineral ore of the labradorite family. The true power of labradorite lies in its core. The chakras get connected only if you work with the rhythm of the stones. The manufacturers balance several stones according to their frequency and add them to maximize the performance of these bracelets. Due to its rare nature, the labradorites easily get forged by artificial replacements. It is advised to keep a keen eye on the shapes and structures of the stones while ordering one for yourself.

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