Labradorite Stone Properties and Their Impact on Chakras

If you are a gem lover, you must have heard about the magical folklores of Labrador Stones and their mysterious healing characteristics. Labradorite stones were discovered in the late 1770s and were used by shamans from the ancient times for healing and other spiritual guidance. The array of vibrant colors spreading from the core of the stones is one of the stunning features of this gem. Generally, Labradorite gems look like other mineral ores with a greyish black texture. But when polished and glazed, it’s hidden magical colors start to showcase. One can get easily mesmerized for hours just by looking at the iridescent colors seizing out of its core.

Healing Properties

The news of Labradorite chakra and healing powers spread across vast distances and thus the mysterious and magical folk tales surrounding it. Take a close look at the primary healing properties of this mystical stone to get a deeper understanding of it:

  • Labradorite is a stone of transformation that is very useful while going through various changes in life.
  • This stone provides emotional strength and empowers you from inside.
  • Meditating with labradorite stones protects the natural aura and balances the grounded spiritual energies.
  • These magical stones, when used properly can help anyone to get rid of hidden fears and insecurities.
  • They also strengthen trust in yourself and love for the universe.
  • The labradorite stones can help in certain mental conditions like anxiety and depression.
  • They help in stimulating imaginations and calming the overactive minds, amplifying enthusiasm and perceptions.

Labradorites are the best decorative items, creating an iridescent effect of colors that spread labradorescence all over the area and heightens home decor. When light falls on the stones, the optical phenomenon creates a greenish-blue shimmering impression that can fascinate any human for hours.

Labradorite Stone Properties

There are a wide variety of Labradorite stones available in the market, depending on size and originality. The rare specimens display an array of rainbow effects from green, violet, and orange colors that shimmers when light rays fall. They are popular amongst rare collectors and are called “spectrolite” for their spectral display of colors. Thanks to the parallel formation of mineral intergrowths, the light rays bounce back within the stones that cause the shimmering effect. This is the primary reason behind the magical appearance of labradorite stones.

You can always add labradorite stones to your meditation and increase the intensity of your sessions. It helps you to reach out to a deeper consciousness and acquire astral projections. Getting a labradorite stone is always a better choice than paying a psychic to help you gather insights. These magical stones will remind you of how beautiful the cosmos is and what immense impact it has upon us.

If you are in the mood to channelize your energies in achieving the astral plane, labradorite stones can help you. These stones are said to disperse magical auras while recalling past lives, clairvoyance and other psychic activities.

Apart from having so many magical and spiritual properties, Labradorite chakra and healing powers also serve equally in treating critical medical conditions. There are case studies of Labradorites healing the disorder of eyes, brains, and stimulating mental fitness. It also regulates your body’s metabolism rates, fixes several hormonal imbalances, and relieves menstrual tension. Labradorescence is very much effective for treating cold, lower blood pressure, and provides relief for indigestion.

Metaphysical Properties

Labradorites are spiritual stones that help people who are work-oriented and take a lot of stress regularly. It helps our body regain the lost energy while implementing healing powers to our body and soul. Due to its tremendous spiritual power, it’s known as the most robust protectors in the metaphysical world.

Here are some of the principal metaphysical properties of this stone that makes them absolutely wonderful.

  • Labradorite Chakra and Healing powers help us to create a shield for all negative auras and protect us from bad omens.
  • Needless to say, these gems are well known for changing colors and hence sometimes called, the stones of transformation.
  • The rapid shimmering of vibrant colors keeps on reflecting inside the parallel compositions in the rocks and justifies the name.
  • Even if these magical stones don’t impact directly on zodiac signs, according to recent observations, Cancer people seem to have a natural attraction to Labradorite stones. 

Impact on Chakras

These magical stones’ healing properties extend their power in nursing different chakra spots in the human body. Here are some of the spiritual benefits of labradorite on our chakras:

Root chakra

The outburst of violent red lights from the stones has a direct effect on your root chakra. These chakras are present in the bottom section of your body. The holy lights from the stone heighten your sense of steadiness and increase the ability of self-control when required. You will have a deeper understanding of life’s purpose and can feel a strong positive vibe within yourself.

Sacral chakra

The orange iridescence, stretching out from the cores, link directly to your Sacral chakra that is present near your belly buttons. The light enforces a burst of creativity through your body and ignites the hidden fire inside you. You will feel the real passion for life and be more self-confident than ever.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The golden aura emerging from the heart of labradorite stone rejuvenates your Solar Plexus Chakra, present near your heart. The chakra immensely boosts your willpower and enhances the energy levels inside your body. You will feel confident enough to stick to a new habit or finish a project that you were procrastinating without any reason.

Heart and Throat Chakras

Flashes of blueish green lights from the stone connect instantly with your heart and throat chakras. The light opens the heart center and pushes you into following the right ventures. As the light hits your throat chakra, it greatly enhances your communicational skills and the power over your vocals. You will feel confident while closing a deal or influencing someone to do good.

Third Eye Chakra

The brightest color of labradorite stone is flickering indigo, which connects with your third eye chakra and increases the perception towards nature. This outer world effect can be felt while meditating, keeping a labradorite gem within your spiritual range.

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra can be felt by the sharp twinkles of the violet colors enchanting your eyes. This helps you discover various psychic abilities that will enrich you with knowledge. You will be more aware of the actions and the outcomes of our day to day life.

As you have read through the guide, Labradorite chakra and healing capabilities have a colossal impact on human life. Surviving through constant work stress during this pandemic can lead to unexplained depression and anxiety effects. For better outcomes, meditate by adding onyx, amethyst, or moonstone in your collection. They all work harmoniously with labradorite’s energy.

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