Labradorite: The magical stone

If you are aware of Labrador gemstones, then you must have heard about the mysterious folklore surrounding it. Unlike labradorite stones, there are few gemstones available on earth that can display an array of dazzling colors and mesmerize the spectators. 

The shimmering nature of this stone resembles the famous northern lights – an enigma to the observer’s eyes. 

In this article, you will learn the benefits and impacts of this gem in our daily lives. We will also explore the folklore and myths surrounding the stone and how you can utilize the healing property in our daily lives.


Unlike most gemstones, these rocks were more recently discovered in the 1770s by Moravian missionaries. They descend from the feldspar mineral and fall under the plagioclase series. The mysterious gems are generally found in various igneous rocks, such as Basalt. They were first discovered on the Isle of Paul, near Nain, Labrador, in Canada.  

Even though it can sometimes look rather plain, once cut and polished, it reveals a stunning array of colors produced by something called the Schiller effect. This happens when light rays reflect from the stones’ surface, creating a rainbow-like iridescence, often referred to as labradorescence. A group of rocks called “Spectrolite” is one kind of similar stone that resembles the lights of Aurora Borealis and is pretty rare in nature.


Not all ores produce the same quality of gems. Stones with the highest labradorescence are typically used in jewelry and cut into cabochons, setting bright colors on an eye-catching display.

Currently, Madagascar and Russia are the highest suppliers of black and grey Labradorite stones all over the world, while the transparent stones are mainly shipped from India. Finland and Australia also mine Labradorite on a large scale. A popular but beautiful yield from these stones is also mined in the states of Oregon, USA. They don’t possess the characteristic color schemes but are popularly known as “Oregon Sunstone” 

Mysterious Folklore

Labradorite stones have been used in many long-standing cultures even though it was discovered recently in the sixteenth century. The mesmerizing colors from the stones resembling the northern lights are the main reason for the mysterious Inuit folklores and its connection to the astral planes. 

The Inuit legend goes back to the date when the glimmering northern lights fall from the sky and get trapped in the stone. An Inuit warrior came across these particular stones and tried releasing the Aurora Borealis back into the atmosphere by hitting them with his spear. According to mythology, he somehow managed to place the northern lights back into the atmosphere. In the process, some lights stayed trapped inside the rocks and are now the reason for its mysterious glow. 


You can use Labrodaite’s healing property in various aspects of your life, starting from nourishing your unique creativity to dropping any unwanted bad habits. Moreover, you will be surprised to hear that the multicolor variants of these stones can be used as a healing agent for each chakra of your body. While other healing agents are dedicated to individual chakra, labradorescence magical powers have enormous impacts on your whole chakra system. 

In her book, Crystal: Lore, Legends & Myths, Athena Perrakis mentioned it’s magical powers work in the moon phases as well. It highlights your intuitions and lets you seek guidance from your higher self.

Applying labradorescence powers into new moon rituals can be as simple as lighting a candle and holding a raw stone to meditate the areas of life you want to improve. Make a list of what comes to your mind first. 

Here are some other benefits that you can achieve from the magical stones:

Liberate Your Fears and Dissolve Negative Energy

Keeping negativity and fears away from your life can be frustrating sometimes, considering we are persisting in 2020! This gem has the potential to lower haunting/worrisome thoughts and negative energies to help us calm our minds. Labradorescence powers are particularly helpful if you are going through tremendous work stress or suffering from unwanted anxiety. In that case, the simple solution would be to grab a mala bracelet and ease out of your miseries. 

Enhance your Creative Skills

Wearing a shiny pendant that has labradorescence powers can help you push through your creative limits expect a better output in return. They act as a catalyst providing you with unlimited positive energy and healing powers to cater to your skills and channel them in the right direction. 

Explore Your Past

If you believe in life after death, the magical stones are said to be really supportive while trying to recall experiences from your past. Shamans have been using their power to explore higher realms and assist others in increasing spiritual growth. The aura helps people stay restricted by protecting their spirit on the journey to explore past lives. 

Move On And Start Fresh

Are you stuck in a zone where you keep on procrastinating your thoughts and desires? No matter how many times you have tried, it’s just not getting possible for you alone to get past these depressing situations! 

Well, if this sounds like you, then try picking a labrador stone for healing. These mysterious stones are said to help people get back on their tracks. The healing property of these magical stones will work for you only if you work with them. Let the shimmering lights explore deep inside you and bring the sparkle back in your life.

Enrich your entire chakra system

The magical resources of these stones are excellent when it comes to chakra healing. The shimmering lights and array of colors connect with different energy sectors of your body. 

The flash of shimmering red lights connects with the root chakra that gives you steadiness and control over your life. The orange glints from the stones link to your sacral chakra, buffs your energy level, and help you push through any obstacles life throws at you. 

The golden array of light accommodates your solar chakras in motivating yourself and granting you with strong willpower. Flashes from the blue-green lights stimulate your heart and throat chakras. They open your heart for greater love and easily smoothes your communication skills.

The flickers of indigo from the coming out of the stone ignites your third eye. You will gain a deeper understanding of your intuitions and help you create profound contact with your emotions. The shimmering violet light connects your spirit with the astral plane. Meditating with the stone helps to discover the latent psychic abilities that you never knew you had. If you want better solutions, you can always combine other chakra stones to amplify the results. 

Raw gemstones

Raw labradorite

You can tap into unknown sectors inside your soul through the strong metaphysical properties of a labradorescence crystal. Raw gemstones help in meditation and help in creating a deep awareness of self-balance and control over your life. 

Final thoughts

Knowing more about the excellent properties of labradorite stones, you might have a strong urge to buy one. Before you do, make sure to keep an eye for genuine and authentic stones. You can enrich your meditation by adding onyx, amethyst, or moonstone in your collection. They all work harmoniously with this gemstone’s energy. 

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