Best Labradorite Rings to Buy in 2021

There is a reason why Labradorite gemstones fall under the category of the best powerful stones available on earth. Labradorites have tremendous healing powers over our bodies. They can connect directly with all the chakra spots in your body, enriching your life experience. The folktales suggest that shamans have been using these powerful stones to heal humanity from a historically long time. According to written history, the gemstones were discovered in the late 1770s by the locals of Labrador.

The labradorite gemstones were first discovered on the coast of Labrador in Canada and have named after it. Since then, the stones have been used by humans in various forms to utilize the stones’ hidden energy. The labradorite mineral ores have greyish to blackish textures on the surface. But when cut and polished properly, the hidden glow starts to appear.

The stones display an array of iridescent shimmers that can mesmerize anyone for hours. The bright lights consist of red, orange, gold, blueish-green, and flickering indigo colors. Each color is connected to your individual chakra spots present in your body and can only be felt while meditating with the aid of these magical stones.

The Labradorite stones are cut, polished, and structured into various luxurious items like home decor, pendants, and rings.

Here is a list of top 5 labradorite rings that you can find on Amazon:

1. NOVICA Labradorite 18k Yellow Gold Plated Silver Ring, Dew Drops

NOVICA Labradorite 18k Yellow Gold Plated Silver Ring, Dew Drops

Novica rings are famous among gem collectors as they have a wide range of unique collection of rings and pendants. Priced approximately at fifty dollars, these rings consist of original labradorite. These sones are handcrafted by the manufacturers and come with a certificate of originality with the box pack.


The manufacturers work dedicatedly with Neetu Barathi, the best handmade jewelry producers in India, to enrich the spiritual value of this ring.

  • The box comes with a dedicated pouch to store your ring when not in use.
  • The dimensions of the stones are .8 inches in diameter and are installed beautifully on the ring, giving it a stylish appearance.
  • The width of the ring is 8mm in diameter, which fits perfectly in your fingers.

Price: $53.99

2. 925 Sterling Silver Women Ring|Natural Gemstone Labradorite Ring for Girls


The 925 Sterling rings are manufactured by a company called Neerupam Collection. You can check this seller’s vast collections of gemstones on Amazon. The rings are handmade from scratch with pure and authentic stones of AAA quality. You can find certificates of authenticity inside the box pack. Aggressively priced at around twenty dollars, they beat their competitors by leaps and bounds.


  • The size of the ring is US 7, meaning this a going to be a good fit for the majority of us.
  • The ring holds an oval vibrant blueish greyish stone with added engravings to maximize the look and feel to it.
  • The head dimension of the ring is 18 mm and weighs only 4.71 grams. This ring goes well with Indian traditional dresses.
  • This can also serve the purpose of gifting it to someone or can be used for engagement purposes. 

Price: $23.60

3. NOVICA Multi-Gem Labradorite .925 Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring, Beguiling Soul

NOVICA Multi-Gem Labradorite .925 Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring, Beguiling Soul

Another great product from Novica in this list. Just look at the ring. The bright stone, paired with elegant carvings on the surface of the ring gives it a majestic look. This product gets manufactured and shipped in a box pack containing all the proof of originality and other healing benefits of the stones.


  • The ring comes with an original jewelry pouch to help you store this precious ring when not in use.
  • There are three types of stones placed in the ring, one large labradorite, and two small Blue Topaz.
  • The larger stone is placed in the middle of the ring and weighs 3 carats, while the smaller ones weigh .6 carats each.
  • Priced around fifty dollars, it’s the best gift for literally anyone. 

Price: $54.99

4. Surbhi Crafts Labradorite Ring, Designer Ring, Handmade Ring, Silver Plated Ring

Surbhi Crafts Labradorite Ring, Designer Ring, Handmade Ring, Silver Plated Ring

The Surbhi Crafts Labradorite rings are one of the rare looking rings you can find on this list. The greyish-blue shimmers from the stone are clearly visible from outside. The ring size is USA-9 and can be a good fit for many gem lovers out there. Priced just at $12.99, these are one of the rarest kinds you can find in Amazon.


  • The ring has original Labradorite stones placed it and weighs 14.51 grams.
  • The stones have a magical property that calms your minds and enforces the willpower to become the best version of you.
  • This ring can be a good gift for both men and women, engagements, and other spiritual occasions.

Price: $12.99

5. Falcon Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver Men’s Ring, Labradorite Natural Gemstone, Steel Pen Craft Ring

Falcon Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver Men’s Ring, Labradorite Natural Gemstone, Steel Pen Craft Ring

As the product name suggests, this ring is crafted by Falcon Jewelry, especially thinking about men. These enchanting rings are available in a variety of quarters to half sizes starting from USA -5 and going all the way up to USA-16.


  • The stone placed in the ring weighs 18 carats and are authentic gems certified by the manufacturers.
  • The dimensions of the rings are 15mm by 20 mm.
  • The stone throws off a natural shimmering of blueish light from its core and enlighting the chakras from within.
  • Labradorite ring is necessary for people suffering from unknown anxiety and depression. They are believed to help in growing self-confidence and motivates you to maintain a positive mindset. 

Price: $170

This list consists of the top 5 labradorite rings that you can find in Amazon. The manufacturers of the listed rings claim to sell authentic stones and provide an original certificate in the box pack to back their statement. Learning about the magical powers of these stones, one can find an intense urge to buy them. But before you do, it is advised to go through the specifications in detail.

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